1st Look Of Spring!

Hey guys so this is the spring look that i have created for you guys yesturday and i have posted a few others as well. Basically what this is, is the content that is on my youtube channel which is at http://www.youtube.com/1stClassBeauty101 and i just have beauty related things on this channel. Like i have many looks so far and even a makeup collection video which most people like to watch. Im going to be uploading a updated one very soon. I am really trying to get as many subscribers as a can which to me would be a dream come true if i even got 100. I first started off with one eyeshadow which was on a sample sheet which now that i think of it is very sad. So i gradually began to collect makeup and i believe ive done a great job. I hope you guys like these videos an please visitmy youtube channel and subscribe if you have one. So please comment, rate, and follow(on luuux) and until next time see ya LATERS! :)

Source link: http://www.youtue.com/keiyatta123

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