1st Impressions: Pumpkin Spice Oreos

2 years ago

Hi everyone! It is officially fall so that means break out everything pumpkin, apple and cinnamon! Fall is one of my favorite seasons as far as food, scents and fashion so I`m actually excited for the chilly weather to set in in the Bay Area. It is 90`F where I live, so leave it to the Bay Area to be relatively comfortable all summer and to turn up the heat when it`s technically autumn.

A few weeks ago, while it was still summer, I heard that Oreo was going to be coming out with a limited edition Pumpkin Spice flavor. I know, everyone is doing Pumpkin Spice everything and everyone is probably sick of it. But not me! I`m always interested in these limited edition flavors from Oreo and I love pumpkin spice, so this was like a match made in heaven!

My mom happened across this flavor while out shopping and picked them up for me. I couldn`t wait to tear into the package!

At first sniff they definitely smell of pumpkin spice, and I immediately think of autumn. I eat Oreo cookies a certain way every time: pull off and eat one cookie side, then eat the other cookie side with the cream. This flavor doesn`t feature the chocolate oreo cookie, but it doesn`t taste like the golden oreo cookie either. Maybe it`s the pumpkin spice cream affecting the cookie, but it tastes like graham crackers to me, possibly to mimic the flavor of a pumpkin pie crust

The cream is very soft and squishy, unlike regular Oreos, and the `spice` element is apparent with a hint of pumpkin flavor. They are not sweet in the traditional cookie sense, but are `sweet` in the way that pumpkin pie is a dessert and not a savory dish. I really enjoy these and my mom likes them too, and she is not a big fan of the regular Oreos.

If you like pumpkin spice flavored things I would recommend giving these a try. They are limited edition so they won`t be around forever.

Thanks for reading! Have you tried these Oreos yet? What is your favorite odd Oreo flavor?

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