1966 Ford Mustang Junior Child Car

So children could drive back in the day. WHAT? Yes, if you lived in the 1960`s, you would see little kids driving out in these cars. They didn`t need a license or anything!

LOL! I`m only joking of course. There were kids that would drive. It happened a lot in farm areas, but it wasn`t considered the safest thing and wasn`t legal. This Junior Child Car and others of its kind were designed by Ford company to get children excited about cars. You have to remember that even though cars had been around for decades before then, they weren`t affordable or practical for the lifestyles of average middle class people. However, by 1960`s and 1970`s the design for cars and engines had been improved to a standard and companies had found ways to manufacture them, so that they were affordable for the average Joe. It was time to get people excited about driving these around, and what better way to start by bribing their kids!

The concept was to get kids to drag their parents in to test drive these small junior cars. Meanwhile, parents would get a chance to look around at adult cars. They often times had raffles for these junior child cars, so a lucky kid would win one of these gas powered babies. These are like those fake cars that had an engine you could drive around; you know Barbie`s car? If you had one of those as a kid, you`d know what I`m talking about. But these were better than Barbie`s car!

I like the beautiful white and red seats combination! Kind of reminds me of Christian Louboutins.

<em>Would you like your child drive a junior car around the neighborhood?</em>

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