1936 Mercedes Benz!

Mercedes Benz is a luxury car brand that is still popular in present day. Let`s just say this could be the old middle school yearbook photo for Mercedes Benz! Not a lot of people look very attractive during that awkward stage, but Mercedes Benz is one of those rarities that has ALWAYS BEEN BEAUTIFUL LOL!

This beauty was made in Germany. It has beautiful details, and I love the light blue color. Everything down to the lights, horns, and hood ornament are so admirable. As I have mentioned in previous VROOM ROOM OF THE DAY posts, the automobiles in the 1920`s were SLOOW compared to our cars today. This Mercedes is from 1936, and at this point the acceleration had reached an excellent standard, and this vehicle could reach well over 100 miles! I think that`s impressive for the time and considering how heavy the metal on this vehicle was. In present day, we go for ecofriendly cars, and that also means lighter weight metals are used because it helps save gas. Back in the day, they liked these big heavy beast cars!

<strong> Price in 1936: $10,780</strong>

<em>Isn`t this a gorgeous luxury car? Which do you like better modern day Mercedes Benz designs or this 1936 beauty?</em>

<strong>*IMAGES TAKEN BY ME & WATERMARKED FOR CREDIT. Feel free to use photo only :)</strong>

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