19 opportunities to save money - Great!!!

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There are several tricks you can put into practice in everyday life so as to save money and resources , not to mention also that we save Nature.

Here are 19 ways to save money , reusing resources and using some techniques .

1 - Reusing bottles to put some plants balcony

2 - Write clean meals refrigerated enjoying meals and leftovers can make omelettes , quiches and sautéed are good options .

3 - Store the jars of candy so you can save your jams .

4 - Make your bean sprouts and lentils at home. Just need a bottle for the cultivar .

5 - Planting herbs at home is also a good way to save on the grocery budget.

6 - Save the cooking water from vegetables to their watering.

7 - Join minimalism .

8 - Planting vegetables on the balcony using pots and empty bottles cut in half .

9 - Keep the coffee grounds because they are a good natural fertilizer .

10 - Calm consumerism and think always 10 seconds before deciding to buy something .

11 - Say no to meals already confecionadas - Prefer to buy fresh produce .

12 - Keep what you want because it can no longer serve as a decoration or could be reused .

13 - Re-use capsules of your coffee machine and refill them .

14 - Do not throw away face creams that you no longer like. Use them on the neck , elbows and knees .

15 - Have a hobbie because apart to fill the dead hours , prevents spend more time shopping .

16 - Keep cans like chocolate for milk because they are great for storing food in the pantry .

17 - Try and read e-books without spending money .

18 - Watch out for discount vouchers .

19 - Consider before you discard something that may prove useful in the future.

Source link: http://poupaeganha.pt/20-situacoes-em-que-pode-poupar/

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