16th Birthday Haul :)

4 years ago

Heyy luuuxers 

So last week it was my 16th birthday and I thought I would do a haul of what I got :) (ps I don`t want to feel as though I`m bragging or showing off,  think of it as a fashion haul :) )

Ahh I don`t know where to start! Oh well into the haul:

First I`ll start of with clothing / accessories

Okay so the first thing I got was a large tote/beach bag which has a black bow on the handle, which I thought was quite cute, it`s quite a big bag which I like and I love the shape of it and it can nicely fit all my stuff in :)

Next I got some clothes from a shop called Jack Wills which if you are from the uk you will hopefully be quite familiar with.  If you are not very familiar with jack wills, then basically jack wills is a clothing store almost based on university lifestyle/clothing, on someof their items or on the clothing tags they have a small saying/motto/logo (or what ever you want to call it) which is university outfitters. Jack wills is quite popular with young people, like my self and university students in the UK and is basically a British version of Hollisters and Abercrombie and Fitch :) And I am not too sure but I think there is a jack wills store somewhere in the USA, but if not then you can buy online as they ship to the uk. Anyway enough discussion on jack wills shop and the background of it and onto what Clothing I got :) haha :) 

Okay so from jack wills I got a pink top that says "wills" on it in white writing, which I shall wear for a casual look, I also got a black cami which says "Wills University Outfitters" in black sequins, a gray top which has a cut out pattern on the neck line, a pair of grey jogging bottoms that say "Wills" in white font down the leg (which is lovely and fleecy and soft inside and just makes you want to just curl up in a blanket :) haha ), I also got a water bottle from jack wills and then a white bag with the USA and uk flag on (which I will also be using for college :) )

The next item of clothing I got was from Zara which is a beautiful cream lace and net top, which is beautiful for summer 

Now on to accessories :

- I was given 2 beautiful scarves, one of which was a two tone neon pink and lilac thin material scarf and the other was a beautiful cream scarf with a pink pattern on it :) both are from a shop called accessories and/or monsoon (not sure if they have accessories/monsoon anywhere else in the world)
- I also received a pack of earrings also from monsoon which had 3 pairs of pearl, diamond and silver pearl/stud earrings which varied in sizes

The last few gifts I shall put under as miscellaneous gifts:

- I got season 2 and 3 of 90210, which when I was given it, from my mum, she had said it was really for her haha :) I got her addicted to watching 90210 with me when season 4 aired in the UK

-Sarah Jessica Parker`s perfume - NYC which is an amazing floral, fruity and sweet scent (this was my second bottle) I would highly recommend this if you love sweet, fruity, floral light fragrances 

- I also got a book called bunheads which is written by former dancer for New York City ballet - Sophie Flack. I was really excited to read this when i got this. I have been wanting to read this for a while now since I read a small bit of it in teen vogue`s  magazine last year. 

Now for a small review of this book: Bunheads is a book about a girl called Hannah Ward who is a dancer for the Manhattan Ballet company who throughout the book wonders if she should leave the ballet company and find out what life has to offer or stay as a ballerina and never have time for friends, family and attend a real school. 
I would recommend this book to anyone who loves ballet, drama and girly books :) or is willing to read something new :)

- I was also given a MAC gift card worth £50 and I spent that the other day in MAC I shall post my haul next :)

And lastly I was given tickets to Justin Bieber`s concert next year when he returns to Nottingham in the UK next year :D (I already knew about these a month before my birthday :D ) 

That`s all for my birthday haul 

Thank you for taking your time to read that if you did :) I appreciate it :) 

Byeee :) xxx

P.S. all pictures posted are mine :)
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