$15.27 K-Mart Haul!

4 years ago

I popped into Kmart two weekends ago ONLY because I received an e-mail saying my Shop Your Way Rewards were going to be expiring come Monday. I wasn`t even aware I had a Shop Your Way Rewards balance so I headed on into the store. I knew I needed a pair of sandals that weren`t the thong variety (I can`t wear those without shuffling my feet or gimping around the rest of the day because it`s chewed up the skin between my toes). I`ve had some good luck with Kmart sandals in the past -- last year I got two pairs that were dressier and they were very comfortable.

I hit up the shoe department and found a pair of simple black sandals that criss crossed over the top of my foot. They are in the style "Michelle." I realize they are nothing to look at and are kind of "old lady"-ish but they were extremely comfortable and really the only pair that I could find that was in a wide. They had another pair I liked but they were in a shade I would never wear on my feet. The greatest part is they were on sale for $11.04. Weird pricing structure, but okay!

Then while walking around I found this super cute pair of crocheted flats that I have been wanting forever and a day. They are by the brand Bongo and were on sale for $9.99. I was contemplating getting the tan shade, but I felt the black is a staple shoe I always go with and I get weird with brown/tan shade shoes. I prefer black shoes so I just like to stick with that theme. I have worn these to a BBQ and they were comfortable, but after a while the side of the crotchet part started to rub my pinky toe and I ended up switching shoes. But after a few wears they`ll be comfy enough.

The last thing I purchased was a t-shirt that was on the clearance rack for $2.99. It was cute and had a hippie type fairy design on it. Then again for $3 I couldn`t pass it up.

When I got up to the register, I told the girl about my Rewards that I wanted to use and she said I needed the pin on the card. Well. I don`t have my card on me, I never use my K-Mart card I just give them my cell number. She told me if the cell on me was linked to the number provided, I could text some number and it would send me my pin. I did that and was able to deduct $7.42 from my total JUST because I`ve shopped at Kmart for a few things over the last X-amount of months. Pretty cool! Now I know why all those ladies on Extreme Couponing prefer to do their grocery shopping at the Big K.

Have you ever purchased anything at K-mart?

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