15 Ways to Hide That Muffin Top

Women of all shapes and sizes struggle with that bulge around the waist known as muffin top. Luckily there are some easy ways to camouflage those extra bits without the inconvenience and discomfort of shapewear. Use one of more of the following tips to get that sleek silhouette were all looking for.

1. Wear higher rise trousers and jeans: The girdling effect of the higher rise smoothes out the silhouette, providing the attractive benefits of shapewear without the discomfort.

2. Wear empire cut tops and frocks: The smallest part of the body is usually the area above the waistline and below the bust. Accentuating that area with an empire cut dress or top works wonders as it tailors the ribcage and floats over the area below the bust line.

3. Wear short sack dresses: Wearing an above the knee, sack style dress in a fabric with good drape shows off your gorgeous limbs while drawing attention away from the midsection.

4. Tuck tops into higher rise skirts: Flatten your silhouette by wearing a blouse or button-down shirt tucked into a higher rise pencil or flared skirt.

5. Wear a camisole: Tuck in the extra layer for a similar effect to shapewear with a fraction of the discomfort.
6. Layer your clothing: Conceal your midsection by layering a structured jacket, vest or cardigan over a top. This tailors the outfit and skims over curves. Leaving an outer layer unfastened creates a vertical line down the center front of the body for an extra slimming effect.

7. Look for prints and texture: They have better "camouflaging capabilities" than tops and dresses with solid colors.

8. Select ruched tops: The effect of the folded fabric across the belly area is forgiving.

9. Select tops that float away from the waistline: Volume in the right place can be your friend, so try banded tops that skim loosely over the midsection and pull back in at the hem for structure. A-line trapeze silhouettes follow the contour of your shape and flatten out the curves.

10. Opt for woven tops: The rigidity of form-fitting garments made of woven fabric will skim the contour of the body instead of clinging to it like jersey knit does. In the same way, soft woven blousy tops in drapey fabrications glide over the midsection instead of grabbing onto to it.

11. Wear knitwear: Look for cotton, viscose, rayon and merino wool blends in fine gauge knitwear. Their thicker texture is less clingy and therefore more flattering.
12. Wear belts: This sounds counterintuitive, but in some cases adding a broad belt to an ensemble hides muffin top. For example, wear a tunic button-down shirt over slim-cut bottoms or a pencil skirt and cinch in the waistline with a comfortable part-elastic belt.

13. Wear dresses: Fit-and-flares, sack styles, front-buttoning shirt styles and dresses with front and side ruching work wonders to smooth out lumps, especially when printed and textured.

14. Wear statement earrings or a necklace: By creating the added drama of bold jewelry you`ll attract attention away from the midsection and onto the rest of lovely you.

15. Stand tall and be proud of your style: Good posture and confidence make every outfit look better.

Of course, for the ultimate re-shaping, use shapewear. But with the fifteen tips above you can make that the last resort for special occasions

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