15 Random Facts

3 years ago

Hello darlings! I thought for my first post on here I would share with you all 15 random facts about myself!

1.) I will finish a drink in minutes if I have a straw! I`m not kidding! Hand me a straw and I`ll just hurry up a drink it all. I don`t know why either. I guess it`s more convenient to drink out of a straw and less of a hassle then to actually drink out of the cup. Weird, I know.

2.) The Wanted are my guilty pleasure. The British boyband The Wanted are definitely my guilty pleasure! I listen to them all the time and even won tickets to see them on their world tour. I`m extremely excited for that!

3.) I`ve watched the movie Pride & Prejudice 1,000 times. I`m not kidding either! I`m sure I`ve even watched it more than that! It`s the newer version with Keira Knightly and she`s my favorite actress! I`ll put it on if there isn`t anything good on TV, if i`m knitting or just want to watch it again. I haven`t even gotten sick of it!

4.) Christmas is my favorite holiday. I can express to you guys how much I adore Christmas! I`ve already put the tree up in our house! I just love everything about Christmas and I think I finally got Rob into the Christmas spirit!

5.) I`ve never broken a bone. Surprisingly I`ve never broken a bone in my body! With how clumsy I can be I`m shocked it hasn`t happened yet (knock on wood!). Rob has and some of our closest friends have, but I never have and believe me I`m thankful for that!

6.) My favorite place in the world is Gettysburg. I love everything about Gettysburg. The history fascinates me. Visiting the battle grounds and just exploring everything sounds like a perfect vacation to me! I`m currently planning a trip there late summer/early fall and renting out either a cabin or cottage!

7.) I have stretched ears. I started stretching my ears when I was about 15. In the beginning I never wanted to go big, but I think that`s what everybody says at first. When I was 16 my dad noticed my ears when we were eating dinner one day and asked me what they were. I told him and he made me take them out. They weren`t very big compared to where I`m at now, but I could understand why he wanted them gone. About a few months after I met Rob I started stretching my ears again and just continued! I`m currently at 19mm (3/4) and would like to stop at an inch, but I`m not sure if I`ll make it there!

8.) I wear dresses almost every day. No joke. I wear dresses almost every day! I used to hate the idea of wearing dresses, but when I became a junior in high school that changed. Since junior year I`ve been wearing dresses pretty much every day. They`re just so comfortable and look so pretty!

9.) I `steal` Rob`s socks whenever I wear boots. The socks that I have are tiny ankle socks and will start to come off if I wear boots since they`re really short. I just wear Rob`s socks whenever I wear my boots which has become pretty often with the colder weather here.

10.) I`m terrified of being stranded in the middle of the ocean. I honestly don`t know why that`s a fear of mine, but I just can`t stand the thought of it! There`s so many things out there in the ocean and just thinking about floating right in the middle of it terrifies me!

11.) I swear I was born in the wrong time period. I absolutely LOVE the 1940`s and 50`s! I wish I was from that time period, but only if I didn`t know smart phones and computer`s existed!

12.) I have four tattoo`s and getting my fifth one in a couple weeks. I`ve always loved tattoo`s so once I turned 18 and got myself one! At first I only wanted to get them on my right arm, but I`ve changed my mind as my fifth one will be on my left! I`m so excited and of course I`ll be sharing my tattoo with you lovelies once I get it!

13.) I`m not a big drinker. I am proud to say that I`ve never been drunk! I just don`t find that appealing. I`ll have a couple beers and I`ll drink like 4 Mike`s one right after the other, but I`ve never been drunk or wanted to get drunk.

14.) I`m trying to grow my hair out. I`m terrible at trying to grow my hair out. I always get bored and have days where I just want to cut it and do something different. I`m determined this time to let my hair grow out!

15.) I live within an hour of three states. I currently live within an hour of Delaware, New Jersey and Maryland! When I first moved down to southern PA I was amazed at how close I lived to THREE states! Let me tell you Delaware is great for shopping (no taxes!) and Rob and I always go to Jersey for the Vans Warped Tour.

So there you have it! 15 random facts about myself. Maybe they aren`t so random, but I tried! Do we have anything in common?

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