14 myths about food (part 2)

5 years ago

Let`s continue with our tips that help us in day-to-day

No. 4. To lose weight you can not eat bread

The bread is rich in carbohydrates, a nutrient that our body needs in larger amounts for energy.
Yes it have to be aware of what puts the bread (high-calorie sauces, butter, chocolate, sausages).
The toasted bread provides the same amount of calories contain only minor amounts of water.

No. 5. You have to eat less?

They eat the amount that your constitution and physical activity ask. Neither more nor less. Remember that is scientifically proven that people who are long time without eating have a lower metabolism and burn fewer calories than those eating more times a day.
Do a test at your own metabolism, expermentem eat less during the day and see him as will be more hungry at night just go over and eat dinner before going to sleep when the body no longer needs these hydrates will soon accumulate ..

No. 6. Water during the meal fattening

The water contains no calories is therefore impossible to gain weight when drinking water and, moreover, is satisfying. The water can indeed due to certain conditions, be retained in the body, and this increases the weight but not fat

Want more tips? Let`s wait for part 3, are to enjoy =)

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