14 myths about food (part 1)

5 years ago

Hello everyone today I will help answer those myths that plague us every day about food,

No. 1 - The white part of the vegetables is the light ...

It is the green leaves of various vegetables that are concentrated vitamins and minerals. Therefore, it is best to consume the leaves and the internal and external, the more green they are, are richer in vitamins and antioxidants.

No. 2 - Dinner fattening ...

It is quite wrong to make only one meal a day or skip some of them preferable to the four to five meals per day.
The most abundant energy or should do in the morning, while dinner should be lighter. Learn to eat little and often that the body gets used to and takes less calories.

No. 3 - Eating fruit after the meal ...

Whether you eat fruit before or after a meal, no more fattening why this myth was created for one reason only, if you eat fruit before a meal is related to having a high water content and fiber, which you will give the feeling of satiety and this may help to eat less.

Want more tips? Let`s go to part 2

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