13 Days Challenge: Day 01 - Favorite Thing to Do?

5 years ago

Instead of doing the 30 days beauty challenge which everyone else is doing, I eliminated a bunch of things from the list since there was a lot of things that I don`t have an answer for since I barely use makeup. I`m perfectly fine without makeup. I eliminated 17 things from the list, THAT`S CRAZY! I decided to choose only 13 and pick anyone of them and write about for one day. Sounds fun? I`m gonna be as creative as possible. Today is Day 1: Favorite Thing to Do? My two favorite things to do are practice my music/instruments! I play the viola and guitar. I started playing the viola since the 4th grade. I started guitar in the 7th grade. I like practicing, cause you why! TO GET BETTER. My second favorite thing to do it being active with my sisters. What do I mean by that? We all have bikes, so we always everyday take a bike ride around the city. And when we`re bored, we go into our yard and do some hulu hooping or some basketball. WHAT`S YOUR FAVORITE THING TO DO?

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List of things I choose:
Day 01 Favorite Thing to Do
Day 02 Anything Hello Kitty
Day 03 Favorite Animal
Day 04 A Photo That Makes You Laugh
Day 05 Favorite Pair of Shoes
Day 06 Current Style That You Like
Day 07 Favorite Color
Day 08 Photo of a Hairstyle/Haircut You`d Like to Have
Day 09 Music You Like
Day 10 What Makes You Happy?
Day 11 Dream House Location
Day 12 Favorite Food
Day 13 Favorite Drink

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