13 Craziest Wall Hooks

5 years ago

Hey luuuuxers! :)
I know it`s been a while... I apologize, I was pretty busy with everything going on lately and procrastination kept me away too hehe.
Anyways, today, while I was scrolling through some images in google, I saw this picture of a wall hook. I just thought it was really unique and one-of-a-kind, and I thought that I should really make a post about it! & yes yes, it is the one with the guy that has a b*ner. You can call me a pervert or whatevers, but I was appealed to that picture (LOL) so I clicked on the picture, and I saw 12 other pretty cool wall hangers! So, there`s the:
- "Baby Limbs Wall Hook"
- "Knives Wall Hook"
- "Men Wall Hook"
- "Hand Wall Hook"
- "Gun Wall Hook"
- "Flip Flop Wall Hook"
- "Puppy Butt Wall Hhook"
- "Teacup Tile Hook"
- "Pushinpin Wall Hook"
- "Teddy Bear Wall Hook"
- "Hippo Wall Hook"
- "Joystick Wall Hook"
and of course, the "Exited Man (LOOOOL) Wall Hook"

Honestly, I was pretty impressed with some of the wall hooks. They are unique, but some like the hippo, joystick, and teddy bear in my opinion aren`t that appealing or unique. If I had to choose one out of the 13 to choose as my favorite, mine would definitely be the excited man one. LOOL. Really, I mean like, who could`ve imagined a wall hook of a guy with a b*ner? LOOOOL.
Anywhooo guys, quick question! What would you say your favorite wall hook is? Be sure to comment down below and thanks for reading this post! :3

Source link: http://www.oddee.com/item_96777.aspx

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