127 Hours

4 years ago

Directed by Danny Boyle.

Starring James Franco and what an inspiring movie. Franco alone can do no wrong but absolutely everything right about this guy. He`s awkward and that`s all that matters. His character does a lot of mountain climbing, meets up with some fellow hikers. They were just moments away they leave and he gets into a pickle. Being wedged into a crack in the earth from a huge boulder and tapes him down like so, do mind that it`s based on true events. And the only thing he had was water and a video camera. He is hallucinating at this point trying his best to keep conciousness. The amount of time allotted was severly heartbreaking. The only option of survival comes to his brave and courageous decision and that`s to cut the arm, buddy. I would rate this film a 5 out of 5.

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