12 uses for Vicks VapoRub

4 years ago

I`d say that just about everybody knows what Vick`s VapoRub is and many of us remembers mommy putting it on their chest when they were sick children and how many of us bought it for our children when they got a cold or cough.

Well, as it turns out, Vick`s Vapo Rub can be used for a lot more than relieving cold, flu and cough symptoms.

1. Decongest your chest. This is the most common use for Vick`s, apply to the upper chest and throat.

2. Put it on your feet to sleep cough free. Apply generously to your feet and put on socks. You will sleep cough free all night. Relieves a cough attack in minutes.

3.Appy to sore, achy muscles.

4.Kill toe nail fungus. Apply to you toe nails for about two weeks to kill toe nail fungus.

5. Stop Cat scratching. Apply a little where your cat likes to scratch. Your pet doesn`t like the smell.

6.Pet pee deterrent. Put an open bottle where your pet likes to "go". Pets don`t like the smell.

7. Relieve headache. Apply a little to your temples.

8. Add a little to your night-time humidifier to breathe clear while you sleep.

9.Paper-cuts and Splinters. Rub a little bit on to help heal.

10.Tick and fleas. If you get bitten, rub a little on the site to encourage the little pest to leave.

11.Do you own a racehorse? Rub some on his nose so that he concentrates on racing and not dating.

12.Mosquito repellent. Rub some on your skin to deter mosquitoes. If you get bitten, rub a little on the bite to help relieve itching.

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