$11,000 Dollar House!

3 years ago

I have been looking at houses just because I want to plan out/dream about my future house. And on Yahoo, I have came across some beautiful houses. This little one, I came across last night. I honestly love the layout that was made.
This is meant for 1 single person or maybe 2 people, but not a single family. The interesting fact about this house is the architect you built it. It looks like a trailer home, but when you go inside it seems like a studio. Everything is there but laid out wonderfully.
I only showed 1 picture which is basically like an overview. Check out the link below for more pictures.

If you take a look at all the pictures here is what I love about the house:
- 1 is the bed. I love how there are 3 steps to get to the bed and the steps are little bookshelves in a way.
-the bed is also full so thats always nice
- the closet is underneath the bed laid out nicely making it blend perfectly
-the small little living space and the small little table for eating/office
-the little living space has a little table built in and its cute!
- the TV and living and bed is close by, cozy area!
-kitchen is a bit separate, more of a walk to go to and its perfectly lined, like the hallway is the kitchen a but separate from the bed
-past the kitchen in the corner is the bathroom and the bathroom is lined nicely with the toilet in a corner and the shower built in the wall.

What do you guys feel about the $11,000 dollar house?

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Source link: http://homes.yahoo.com/photos/architect-s-big-idea-tiny-11-000-house-slideshow/

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