10,000 Luuux$ Weekly Challenge!

3 years ago

Hi Luuuxers.

From now on every week an additional 10,000 Luuux$ more will be on offer to all luuuxers.

We have found on Luuux over time the best posts are often Original reviews, tips or DIY Tutorials.

So we have decided every week until further notice we are going to start rewarding the best Original content:

- Original Fashion Review, Tip or DIY Tutorial*
Add the hashtag LuuuxWeeklyFashionComp anywhere in your post to qualify.

- Original Beauty Review, Tip or DIY Tutorial*
Add the hashtag LuuuxWeeklyBeautyComp anywhere in your post to qualify.

- Original Design Review, Tip or DIY Tutorial*
Add the hashtag LuuuxWeeklyDesignComp anywhere in your post to qualify.

- Original Food or Drink Recipes or Diets*
Add the hashtag LuuuxWeeklyFoodComp anywhere in your post to qualify.

- Best latest Celebrity Gossip or Personal Advice (like exercise routines, relationship advice etc)*
Add the hashtag LuuuxWeeklyGossipComp anywhere in your post to qualify.

*Note. All must be original pictures and text, any copied content text or images will automatically be removed from the competition. They must appear only and be specific to Luuux and no other blog/youtube/vimeo channel or anywhere on the internet. You can of course promote the Luuux post on social media.
For Celebrity Gossip we will accept images with valid source links. Text content must still be original. Although if you can get an original photo of your own, you are gonna be a main contender!
Also in order to judge fairly, all posts must be written in English.

These are not easy, so each winner will receive a whopping 2,000 Luuux$ per competition per week.

The winner will be chosen on content, not just on flux.

Some advice on writing a good tutorial:
- Choose a good topic. (make it original or something you have a lot of knowledge in)
- Clearly State the objective of your tutorial. (in the description and maybe first line)
- Be clear and concise. (Keep it simple and to the point)
- Use images to support the text (upload some nice diagrams or sequential photos)
- Use examples. (this helps show how to apply your idea)
- Use an organized structure. ( using list structures helps keep it more readable)
- Break down the tutorial into simple steps. (if in doubt make it another step)
- Follow up your tutorial following and answering user comments and questions.

The week will start and end on Monday at 00:01 PST

Lets see some top blogging and remember, keep it original!

Results can be found here:

These are great examples of content.

The Luuux team.

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