100 Calories! Peach Cottage Doubles

5 years ago

I have seen a lot of commercials for these on television before and they look really good, but I remember not being a big fan of cottage cheese when I was kid. However, I am someone that will continue trying the same things I don`t like throughout my life just because I know your tastes change as you grow. Just because you didn`t like something at one point in your life, doesn`t mean you`ll never like it.

I chose the peach flavor. It comes in a plastic package and is split in two with the cottage cheese on one side and the peach jelly on another side. The peach jelly has little chunks of peaches in it, and tastes like the canned peaches you can buy at Costco. At first, I didn`t mix all of it together at once, I just took a small spoon full of the cottage cheese and the peach jelly and ate it that way. However, in the end I decided to mix it all together just to see if it would taste different, and I found that if you mix it all together at once it does taste more consistent and the cottage cheese flavor isn`t as strong.

It`s a good low calorie snack to have as a side to your lunch. I probably will get this again because I want to try the other flavors they have. I got this for a little over $1 at Safeway.

<strong> Do you like cottage cheese? Have you ever hated a food, but tried it later on and loved it?


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