10 Worst Foods to Eat Before Bed

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So its nearly bedtime and you are feeling a little snacky. Your sitting in front of your fridge and pantry trying to figure out what you should eat and what you shouldn`t. They key is to get a snack under 200 calories and caffeine free!
Here is the list of 10 things I don`t recommend.

<b>1. Coffee</b>
You know youre not supposed to drink coffee, even decaf which actually DOES contain caffeine. That caffeine is a stimulant, so itll keep you awake. Naturally, the coffee tops my list of the worst foods to eat before bed. I am guilty of drinking my Starbucks coffee I get from my local store at night. I need to cut it out totally.

<b>2. Chocolate</b>
Yes I am very guilty of splurging, but who isnt? Chocolate is the worst thing you can eat, even before bed. Yes Dark Chocolate is filled with antioxidants, but it also has caffeine in it as well as tons of sugar, which will give you a good buzz when you need to be sleeping.

<b>3. Cheese</b>
Cheese can sit very heavy in the stomach while your trying to sleep. I recommend, if you are going to eat cheese, eat it around 5pm and no later then that. Yes you can eat it earlier then 5, but it gives the cheese time to settle before you go to bed later on.

<b>4. Chips and Salsa</b>
Yum, Chips and Salsa may sound like a great idea but boy are you wrong!! The peppers and other active ingredients may cause heartburn, they may also give unexpected energy boosts. Instead of sleeping, you will be running laps around your house.

<b>5. Cookies, Cakes, Ice Cream...</b>
As I mentioned with the chocolate, it is best you avoid sweets before you go to bed. The sugar will keep you awake. Try an alternative like a handful of berries or an apple. Fruit do contain sugar but not as much as sweets.

<b>6. Hamburger</b>
Just like cheese, this will sit very heavy in your stomach as your trying to sleep. Its almost guaranteed to give you heartburn or dare I say the runs. SKIP THE BURGER!

<b>7. Alcohol</b>
Did you know as soon as the alcohol works its way out of your bloodstream in a couple hours, youll experience a wake-up, stimulant effect? Its best to avoid alcohol 4 to 6 hours before bed for just this exact reason. Yes it will make you fall asleep, but then you will wake up and become angry trying to fall back asleep.

<b>8. Beans</b>
Beans are a great source of protein and fiber, but DO NOT eat them before bed. They will for sure make you gassy, and that`s a horrible way to spend the rest of the night. Save the beans for another time, during the day, when the gas will have plenty of time to work its way out when youre not trying to sleep or snuggle.

<b>9. Soda</b>
Most sodas contain alot of caffeine which Im sure you know is one of the worst things to consume before bed. I myself am very guilty of popping open a diet soda, which is worse. Stop drinking this around mid-day. It will save you many hours of sleep.

<b>10. French Fries</b>
They greasy and salty and so yummy! The grease will sit heavy in the stomach and give you heart burn and again maybe the runs. If you are craving something salty, try almonds or some saltine crackers.

See now its easy eating healthier at night and sticking under 200 calories. As long as your snack doesnt appear on my list, and as long as it meets the other criteria, dig in then go scrub your teeth, wash your hands and face, grab your snuggly blanket, and get ready for dreamland!

<b>Whats your favorite bedtime snack, and why? Does it help you sleep? </b>

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Thank you http://allwomenstalk.com for this information.

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