10 Ways to write a good post

3 years ago

1. Original Content
Number one, above all else, don`t copy content or take from your blog, write something new for Luuux. This will help you get listed better on the search engines as well. We try our best to get you noticed, but quality original content is always best.

2. Choose an interesting topic for the universe
Don`t just copy everyone else, think about what you have experienced, a beauty review, some Fashion or Design DIY, your favorite recipe, the latest gossip. Something interesting that you can share with the community.

3. A well taken, striking picture
On Luuux a picture tells a thousand words and will get you the most attention from your fellow luuuxers.

4. A Catchy Title
This is second to the picture, another way you can make sure you get noticed. Keep it short and to the point and a bit witty or catchy if possible!

5. Format your post well
Use sections, paragraphs, Bold and Underline formatting. Also use hashtags for keywords. Don`t just write one lump of text, space it out nicely. To format use the html < b > text < /b > and < u > text < /u > . They are the only two that work, just remove the spaces to make them work in your post.

6. Be interactive with the Luuux Community
Ask questions to Luuuxers on your post and reply to them on chat/comments. This will help build your following.

7. Share your posts on Social Media Networks
We made it easy for you, so just click and share, also connect your account to networks so you can auto share every time you post!

8. Try a list format, like this!
They are very popular nowadays and attract a lot of interest from social networks and search engines. 7 ways to do this , 8 ways i did this etc.

9. Read the announcements for more advice.

10. Have fun
Just relax and have fun and it will show in your posts and make them more enjoyable to read. :)

Happy Luuuxing everyone!

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