10 ways to get a younger body (man)

Time flies and with it our youth: a time we can spend the whole night in the disco to have fun, the next moment fell asleep on the couch right after dinner. The mirrors are soon to reveal another wrinkle, another white hair, a flabby skin ... learn how to cultivate a younger body to continue to see that reflection of the new man, healthy and still has much to offer.

Stop smoking. Data such as the fact that smokers live on average less than 15 years non-smokers and that nearly 30% of all cancers are clearly associated with smoking, should be more than sufficient to convince quit smoking. Apart from recovering its longevity (it is perfectly possible to go back to stretch their hope due cigarettes since deleted), it will save your health, image (goodbye hands and teeth yellow!) And wallet, quickly rejuvenating to feel more active in their "new" body.
Reduce alcohol consumption. Who does not love a night out with friends or sharing a bottle of wine with his wife on a romantic dinner? Health problems linked to alcohol are not linked to its consumption in itself, but rather a wasteful consumption that is getting worse and is more sporadic. That is, moderation is the golden rule, not only to avoid that "tummy" and unsightly little young (the result of successive beer festivals!) But also to prevent dozens of diseases associated with alcoholism.
Invest in food. We are what we eat, which means that if we want to keep young and healthy, the table must give priority to certain foods over others. In general, your diet should be mainly composed of fish, lean meat, plenty of fruit and vegetables, legumes, nuts, olive oil and whole grains. In terms of anti-aging, the recipe must contain the following ingredients: sunflower seeds (get to be addictive and just as well because they are packed with antioxidants and a high concentration of vitamin E, a nutrient responsible for the maintenance of our youthful ), grape juice (in addition to further prevent heart attacks and strokes, grapes which contain polyphenol antioxidant helps keep the skin firm and flexible), sweet potatoes and carrots (the pigments in both foods are effective in treating skin damaged by excessive sun exposure), cheese (excellent in terms of oral health, strengthens teeth and reduces the presence of bacteria in the mouth), spinach and beans (these two foods are crucial in preventing and repairing the dreaded "age lines" .)
H2O. If you want to preserve your youth, replace soft drinks and other processed drinks / carbonated water. While our body`s best friend, H2O operates at several levels - is a natural and powerful antioxidant that keeps the body running at 100%, is an ally of your skin, because by keeping it moisturized, prevents wrinkles, giving way the skin of a baby - to ensure, before our eyes, a healthy body and enviable.
Put up the mess. Hand in hand with a diet that you will return year of life is an exercise plan as flat as possible, says evil of life every time you pick up a broken elevator and have to climb stairs just to reach the top out of breath? When you get out of bed in the morning, have lost count of the number of cracks emanating from all parts of the body? Are you waiting for? Put yourself to move to restore vitality and youth of other times, taking the opportunity to monitor and maintain your ideal weight (an overweight man with always seems older, less attractive). It`s never too late to put in order and thanked his wife ...
Ritual of the creams. Wrong if it thinks that the rituals of the creams are reserved exclusively to the feminine side of the bathroom - the truth is that there has never been so much on offer in terms of men`s cosmetics like today. What to do? Enjoy them! A ritual cleansing and moisturizing the skin is essential to prevent, reduce and even hide the unwanted signs of aging. If you have specific problems such as oily skin, dark circles or acne, there are also many excellent solutions on the market. If you have questions, you can always seek the advice of your loved one ...
Less sun protection more. Excessive sun exposure is a major contributor to premature skin aging in general, so it never hurts to remember the importance of a proper SPF every inch of the body, several times a day when you`re on the beach or vacation, always avoiding times more heat. In this process, do not neglect the face (get one with SPF built for day-to-day), hands and feet to a tan, young and enviable from top to bottom.
Restful nights. The fountain of youth may very well be between the pad and sheets, with the precious hours of sleep to help your body recover from another day, preparing them for that which follows. To keep your look young, like "the year-not-pass-for-you" nothing like a good night`s sleep every night. Try lying down and getting up at the same time, resting in a quiet and comfortable ... it is no accident that the act of sleep gained the status of beauty sleep.
Watch your health. The youth comes from within so forget phobias and sloths medical neglect and not blood tests every year, as well as annual check-up, both in terms of general practice as a dental clinic. Learn what tests are still doctors that men should do, do them religiously and make sure you always have health to spare.
Image is everything. Whether we like it or not, the way we dress and present ourselves says a lot about our age - which may be favorable or not. Know which clothes and colors that you are killing, make sure you have the hair cut ever day as well as the nails of the hands and feet arranged. In addition, note these tips to keep a teenager`s face, shaven, hair trimmed the nose and ears, eyebrows, "tamed", contact lenses instead of glasses.

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