10 ways to get a younger body (female)

Find out what tricks and essential components that should be used to achieve a youthful body for much longer.

1. Get amazing shine
Eliminate dead cells of the body below the neck and give it a glow that it loses over time. To use such a lotion made based on sugar as soluble granules or fine salt. Mix a little shower cream with sugar or salt and rub the body gently. If you prefer something 100% natural, just mix peach pulp with sugar and before it dissolves, exfoliate your body with this mixture, will gain a new luster.

2. Soften the skin of the forearm
Using an exfoliating or peeling glove three times per week forearms help eliminate the small dots embodied that are no longer covered with hair follicles which dead cells, leading to unsightly surface roughness which sometimes forms on the back of the forearm. To avoid this problem again, use a lotion with a scrub containing retinol, salicylic acid or alpha hydroxy daily.

3. Eliminate veins
Get rid of small red veins called spider veins, with a simple procedure called sclerotherapy, during which a solution injected through a tiny needle, will cause the vein to collapse. After a few months of treatment, about 80% of the veins disappeared.

4. Use organic
Avoid the bad skin reactions restricted to the organic products. Usually the organic products have fewer ingredients known to be responsible for allergic reactions. It is important to use this philosophy if you want to skin a younger and less sensitive.

5. Ingest fatty acids
Taking about 1000 mg of fatty acids (omega 3:06) per day may help to heal skin dry and remove the roughness thereof. It will also help improve psoriasis and eczema. In addition to being an integral part of the membranes surrounding skin cells, these essential fatty acids are natural lubricants of the upper layer of the skin and keeps it healthy fed.

6. Use as little soap as possible
To keep the skin soft and nourished use soap or shower gel only in certain specific areas: armpits, groin, feet and buttocks. Wash the remaining parts of the body with warm water only, because in this way prevent the removal of natural skin oils.

7. Increase the SPF
Avoid the sun is essential, but additionally when you expose yourself to increase to 40 sunscreen (UVA / UVB), it is one of the best ways to prevent skin aging. Although this may seem a minor gesture he will make a dramatic difference in your skin over time.

8. Drink Green Tea
If you drink green tea daily have a much less likely to suffer from sun damage. Green tea has powerful antioxidant EGCG, great to prevent aging, and can also be used in topical products.

9. Treat the forgotten parts
Usually the neck, chest and hands end up being neglected in favor of the face. Having a face very carefully, but few hands, a neck and neck contrasting not a good idea. Whatever you put in place against him also in the neck and chest. This means SPF a cream with an antioxidant in the morning and evening with retinol.

10. Clear lines of the neck
Years of sun exposure dismantle the collagen fibers that are responsible for keeping the skin young and firm. So try to prevent wrinkles in the neck, using products containing retinol or peptides, which may help restore collagen and prevent wrinkles in the neck.

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