10 Tips to Make the Diet Easy to be followed

5 years ago

1 - Know what can be taken: the menus are a reference for what can or can not be swallowed. Knowing well the meals and foods that are composed, it is easy to make the choice. Even in a given day, can not be religiously follow what has been determined. Know the foods and portion sizes is essential to have a second alternative when there is the options described on the menu.

2 - Change prohibited by permitted: a well-designed diet allows eating snacks between meals. Thus, it will feed every 3 hours. However, it is necessary to change the little bar of chocolate for fruit less caloric. Allow yourself to experience new flavors. A balanced diet should contain fruits and vegetables. If you do not have the habit of eating these foods, it`s time to propose to improve.

3 - Shop healthy: when buying from the supermarket, go with a list in hand. Do not allow yourself to buy candy, snacks, cheese calories. The worst mistake is to make his own trap.

4 - Do not give chances to give up, slip in the first weeks of the diet are common. However, they can not be an excuse for more hype or abandonment of the goal of losing weight. Exaggerated? Then back to food proposal to eliminate weight. No need to wait until Monday to do so. If exaggerated at lunch, return to control power on the same day.

5 - Know which sites go: to select the places where they offer healthier foods is critical to hold firm in the diet. If there are more tempting options, control yourself. Always opt for the healthier option that will bring the expected result. Also, knowing where food is essential to propose a meeting place with friends and family.

6 - Organize the refrigerator and pantry, leaving visible calorie foods and at the same time, is a favorite bait off the diet when hunger, anxiety, nervousness, fight with her boyfriend, pressure at work appear. Before starting the diet, do some cleaning in the refrigerator and pantry. Leave them as healthy as possible. If you live with other people, make a corner of his own. If you are hungry, not fuce in place of others. Search their foods healthier.

7 - Talk to your friends, talk to them about your new decision to lose weight. Show the importance this has for you. So when they find out or if it will be easier to understand them and choose a bar or restaurant you refer. Dieting is not synonymous with social exclusion. But some help is needed and understanding so you can stand firm in what is proposed. And, of course, show them that you are determined to achieve your goal.

8 - Seek to inform, the more you read about healthy eating, the importance and the benefits it brings to the body, the easier it is to stand firm in the diet to achieve the desired weight. And notice that, despite the aesthetic factor is the main reason cited by those who want to lose weight, good health and better quality of life goals are far greater-and more important - to be achieved.

9 - Assign several goals: during the process of weight loss is important to place small goals. If the goal is to lose weight 20 pounds, start stipulating the elimination of five pounds. As you progress, you realize that you can achieve the ultimate goal, and to encourage each small goal achieved.

10 - Change the focus: When the urge to eat that sweet or not raid the refrigerator out of my head, it`s time to refocus. Divert attention from the food. Do some other activity. Read a book, watch a movie or show, go hiking, get home, office or do some housekeeping on your email inbox. Thus, occupy the mind and, when you realize, it`s time to make the next meal.

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