10 Tips for a flat stomach

Summer is coming and everyone wants to show a nice stomach when it`s time to use the bikini. So here are 10 tips written by Dr. Carla Castrelo (Corporación Dermoestética):

1. Improve intestinal transit - Drink at least eight glasses of water daily, eat foods rich in fiber and seeds;

2. Eat lots of vegetables - as well as increasing fiber intake leads to an increase in water consumption. Their action leads to a flatter belly. Prefer green leafy vegetables, berries, fruit, nuts;

3. Consume foods rich in lean proteins and healthy fats, those are two nutrients which promote practically no increase in blood sugar. Their circulating levels of insulin are low therefore inhibiting the deposition of abdominal fat;

4. Have a good posture - always walk with your abdominals contracted, in order to decrease the abdominal enlargement;

5. Learn to manage stress - the hormones released when we are stressed promote increased deposition of abdominal fat.
Little sleep also disrupts the metabolism and promotes fat accumulation in this area. It is essential to counteract this process so that the calories do not allocate in your belly;

6. Do aerobic exercise - just do a daily walk of 30-45min at a rapid pace and include abdominal exercises, squatting and stretching, so as to gradually increase the heart rate;

7. Reduce the ingestion of sugars - reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates (fast absorbing) such as ordinary table sugar, white bread, refined flour, white rice;

8. Avoid carbonated drinks - they promote distention of the stomach and can cause abdominal enlargement;

9. Avoid alcohol - besides being caloric they interfere with the hepatic metabolism, leading to increased abdominal fat and volume in this area;

10. Avoid all kinds of processed foods - fast food, pastries, etc.

I have started on a diet last week and after one week I already lost 2kg. I don`t have much to lose, but I want to combine the weight loss with some exercise.

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