10 Steps to Healthy Eating

4 years ago

Im a naturally thin person, Im 5ft 5 and weigh around 110lbs. I eat more than a teenage boy, but Ive realized that one day, my metabolism is going to slow down and I wont be able to eat anything and still look great. This is how Ive started preparing myself for life and whatever it has in store for me and my body.

Step 1. Set your goals. Do you want to eat healthy to lose weight or to keep your body in shape? Record your goals, and write down everything you eat in a day. It helps to see what youre consuming, and to let you notice what needs to change.

Step 2. Eat breakfast! Most people think that skipping breakfast is alright, but without it, your whole day will be useless. Youll feel sluggish, sick and just tired. If you dont want to have a big breakfast, thats OK. Just grab some fruit, some fibre-filled cereal, or whole wheat toast with cheese, peanut butter, or soy butter.

Step 3. Eat slowly. I myself am a speed eater, my whole family is. I can easily down a full plate of steak, potatoes and vegetables in under 5 minutes. Ive taught myself to eat slowly, taste my food and savour it. Put your fork down after each bite, and relax. You can also try cutting your food into smaller pieces.

Step 4. Reduce your oil intake. Most people use a lot of oil when they cook. Since Im a broke College student, Ive been reducing my oil not out of necessity, but because Im cheap and dont want to have to be buying more stuff all the time. The food still tastes the same, and Ive seen a huge improvement in my body and how I feel.

Step 5. Stop with the candy and treats! I love sweet things, but Ive really cut back recently. Too much sugar in your diet can cause cavities, headaches and breakouts in your skin. Also, you could be at risk for Diabetes. The only healthy chocolate out there is dark chocolate. I eat it whenever Im craving something, and it usually helps. Its very bitter, so Ive learned to enjoy that too. Dark chocolate is actually an antioxidant and helps to clean out your body. Also, it helps to reduce your blood pressure., and contains many critical nutrients. Theres so many health benefits of dark chocolate that you can find on the internet from legitimate sources.

Step 6. Eat seasonally. What does this mean? It means eat certain fruits and vegetables when they are in season, naturally. Theyll be tastier, cheaper and plentiful. In the summer, theres many fruits, such as peaches, cherries, melons, and berries. Fall brings squash, tomatoes, and cabbage (visit your local country market for other options).

Step 7. Eat 5 meals a day. Instead of eating breakfast, lunch and dinner, try eating 5 smaller meals, spaced out evenly throughout the day.

Step 8. Make sure you get all of the food groups. You need to have certain amounts of Vegetables/Fruit, Grain Products, Meat and Alternatives and Milk and Alternatives every day. You can easily look up on the internet what your body needs, then look at your current diet, and make changes accordingly.

Step 9. Stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water helps to flush out any unwanted things in your body. If you have trouble drinking a lot of water, add some lemon or lime, or mix ¼ cranberry, blueberry or pomegranate juice with ¾ water to dilute the taste and calories.

Step 10. Believe in yourself! You can do anything you set your mind to, whether it be losing 100lbs or just staying where you are. Its ok to have a bigger meal at Holidays, because youre not doing this every day. After you enjoy a larger meal for holidays, make sure that you go back to your healthy eating habits after, so you can keep on track.

Good luck everyone!

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