10 Steps to flawless skin!

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Having clear skin is nearly impossible. Everyone gets breakouts, redness, acne, discoloration and more. Getting flawless skin is difficult. This is a picture of my cousin. She doesn`t have bad acne, but she does have acne and bumps and scars on her face. With the techniques I am about to share, it made the illusion that she has flawless skin, without looking like a cake face. Even though wearing makeup to make it look like you have flawless skin can be nice, I still believe it is important to have days where you don`t wear any makeup. You need your skin to breathe.


1. This is the most important step. WASH your face DAILY. Use a face wash that is made for your skin. If you have oily skin, don`t use a wash meant for dry skin, it won`t do you any good. I have normal to oily skin, so I use Angels on bare skin by LUSH. I just use my hands when I am washing my face, but twice a week I will use a clarisonic with the wash to deep clean my face.

2. Apply some type of moisturizer, again use one that will work well with your skin. Even if you have oily skin, you still need to apply some kind of moisturizer. I use one from Mary Kay.

3. Some people choose to put a primer on after moisturizer, but I personally don`t believe in primers, I see them as a gimic. A moisturizer is enough for me. The only time I use a primer (Rarely ever) is when my blackheads and pores are really bad, then I use Benefits POREfessional. But like I said, some people see the need to wear a primer, so if you do, go ahead and apply your primer.

4. Apply a foundation you know works well for your skin. If you have really bad acne, use a medium to full coverage foundation, if you just have some breakouts and discoloration then just use a light to medium coverage foundation. You don`t want to use more product then you need. Getting a flawless skin means you want to look like you are glowing from within, so don`t cake on makeup.

5. Apply concealer to spots that need extra coverage, be very light handed with concealer since it is full coverage. A good concealer I use is the studio fix by MAC.

6. Apply concelaer underneath the eyes to cancel out black cirlces. DONT use a super light concealer to brighten and highlight, it will look super cakey and fake. Use a shade that is 1-2 shades lighter, that is all you need to brighten underneath your eyes. If you use any lighter it becomes very noticeable and hard to blend into your foundation so it will not look natural. I use a concealer from NARS in the color custard.

7. Use a setting powder, preferably one with no coverage, to set everything in place. I use the translucent powder from MAC or some days I will use my MAC skin finish.

8. Apply a highlighter, this will make you look like you are glowing and bring some life into your face.

9. Bronze your face. You want to add some dimension into your face, you don`t want your face to look flat. Contouring will add a lot to the face.

10. Use any blush you like and add it. This will bring some color into your face that was taken out with all the coverage. Blush really is the last step to having glowing flawless skin.

That`s it! 10 easy steps to giving the illusion of having flawless skin! I hope you guys learned something from this post today. Just remember to wash your face and take all the makeup off before going to sleep. You don`t want the makeup to sink into your pores. Thanks for reading!

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