10 Secrets to Long Hair

3 years ago

hey luuuxies!
for beautiful long locks here are 10 things you can do to your hair,
1. cut the ends more often. Split ends are a nono! As soon as you see them coming in cut them off and yea you gotta cut it to make it grow how ironic is that?!
2. Scalp treatments. Yea, it may sound a little unnecessary but trust me it helps.
3.Cut it right. Make sure you cut your hair even or give it layers if its in a awkward stage its better now than later.
4.Use Dry Shampoos. This might sound a little dirty but its totally safe! Use a dry shampoo instead of washing your hair everyday, yea washing everyday actually isn`t good for your hair.
5.No color. Do not color or perm your hair especially if your trying to have it longgggg, dying your literally kills your hair hence the word `dying`.
6. avoid tight up do`s. I bet you didn`t know that having your hair in a tight style actually pulls your hair out? if you do a bun or something make sure its loose, its not just a trend its actually good for your hair.
7.Coconut out. its greasy i know,i know but trust me, your hair will thank you.
8. Get a satin pillow case. your hair gets split mostly at night from rubbing against your pillow but satin will just make your hair slide off, which means no splits and that means not cut! its a win win.
9. less is more when it comes to your hair. the less you put in it the better.
10. take a vitamin, not only is it good for your hair, its just good for you period.
hope i could help on your journey to long hair :) good luck!

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