So I was browsing the internet and I came across the 10 richest countries

Just as counties are made up of more than towns and cities, the income of county residents depends on more than the local businesses. What follows are the 10 richest counties in America, according to the Average Income by County report from the Census Bureau, which includes the average annual household income from 2006-2010.
1. Westchester County, NY
Average income: $128,127

2.Morris County, NJ
Average income: $128,371

3.Marin County, Calif.
Average income: $128,544

4.Somerset County, NJ
Average income: $129,222

5.Fairfield County, CT
Average income: $130,074

6. Hunterdon County, NJ
Average income: $130,723

7.Fairfax County, Va.
Average income: $132,662

8. Loudoun County, Va.
Average income: $134,098

9. Pitkin County, Colo.
Average income: $134,267

10. Nantucket County, Mass.
Average income: $137,811

The previous weird law post goes with some of these areas so it really something interesting to check out

what do you think of these areas?
which one interests you?

Source link: http://realestate.yahoo.com/news/america-s-10-richest-counties.html?page=all

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