10 reasons not to jailbreak

4 years ago

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Now that jailbreaks are so popular, we thought it would be a good idea to warn people of the consequences. As you read through this post, please remember that we dont hate jailbreaking. All we want to do is warn people who are unaware of the possible consequences. Below is our top 10 reasons why not to jailbreak your device.

1Slows your device down

Although you may not notice it, jailbreaks can and do slow down your device. Sometimes, even a restore can`t bring your device back to its former glory.

#2 Crashes become a mainstay

not in all circumstances but in some, your device will crash all the time.

#3 The possibility of bricking your device

When you jailbreak, your iDevice can become bricked, oh joy!

#4 Updating your iOS becomes a nightmare

When an update comes along and you want to update, say goodbye to cydia for awhile. You`ll have to undo the jailbreak, then do it over again once the update is complete.

#5 Restores are ridiculous

Get ready for error message galore because trying to restore your jail broken device is a big nuisance. Sure you can do it, but only if you have a few hours, or a day of your life to spare.

#6 Jailbreaking it`s self is annoying

The actual process of jailbreaking is a pain. You may think youve downloaded all the right stuff and have all the settings right, but you may still run in to trouble.

#7 Hurting app developers

Though just jailbreaking doesn`t hurt the developers, getting their apps for free, does. Besides hurting the developers, you are also breaking the law. Just because jailbreaking is legal doesn`t make stealing legal.

#8 Getting hacked

Jailbreaking and adding the wrong source could allow hackers to steal your information. Be careful.

#9 Your battery may die sooner

Some cydia apps will drain your power quicker then real Apple app store apps.

#10 Voids your warranty

Apple strictly enforces there rule of not jailbreaking. If your iPod, iPhone, or iPad breaks after a jailbreak, your best bet is to become a certified Apple technician.

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