10 reasons for undefined abdominal

4 years ago

poor execution

If the shape is awkward, so a move that would effectively becomes perfectly useless. Some of the most common mistakes are forcing the neck (which minimizes the force required to stomach), take the balance instead of resorting to muscle strength, you let your hips sag in plank position and do not keep your abdominals contracted in each and every movement.
Quality above quantity

As already clarified, the most important is the precision of the movements, and can do not all 500 days. Perform each contraction with increased awareness, focus on using your muscles ... and learn to feel what your body can do. If you are like me, will love the fast strength training - there is little I can make you feel so strong and in control.
Fluidity and slow

These are the characteristics of a movement executed smoothly. Instead of doing as much as possible in the abdominal time they have available, try stand as the largest effort of the movement, as long as possible.
wrong exercises

The typical abdominal are in fact far from being the more efficient movement. The best way to really work this muscle group are exercises that require us to use and getting the most of every muscle, especially those more internal, that interfere with our balance. Examples are cycling, windsurfing and some signature moves of pilates.
Respiration deficient

The stomach is located behind the abdominal muscles. A breathing improper drives out the stomach, forcing the muscles to protrude, that is the opposite of the desired. Here is the correct breathing: when we make the effort (lift your legs, lifting weights, our trunk ...) and contract the muscles, we exhale. In the more relaxed movement, took the opportunity to inspire.
Fall into routine

Our body adapts fairly easily to the same repetitive movements. Once we stop being sore at the end of a session, then it`s time to change!
Lack of cardio

Remember those exercises that increase the heart rate and spend lots of calories, like running, swimming, dancing, cycling or even walking? What does one have to do with abs? Everything! Much of the work (say 85%) is to reduce the layer of fat hiding the muscles, because although it may seem hard to believe, we all have a muscle similar to this, just do not see it. Again, do not forget to vary the duration, intensity and type of exercise.
improper diet

It`s the same concept mentioned in the paragraph above: calories coming in, calories out, fat accumulates, fat that is spent. Just recall that the calories are not everything, because we must first look in nutrients, and then the energy they provide.
Chocolate fattening stress and also

And, indeed, may be even worse than the first. The hormones involved in weight gain favor, and this snowball sometimes even culminating in depression. Meditation, yoga, and a few precious moments of relaxation with good friends tend to be the cure.
short nights

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