10 of My Favorite Youtubers

Youtube has long ago evolved from being catz videos and movie trailers. These are a variety of my favorite people on youtube. They range from beauty gurus to people who are just funny and interesting. They`re all very witty and enjoyable to watch. Hope you check some of them out!

2) sxephil: Phil Defranco
Phil gives me my daily dose of wit and sarcasm with his news shows on his main channel. I have literlly stopped watching television news shows all together. He also has a secondary channel where he posts daily vlogs and just random fun stuff.
3) bubzbeauty
Bubz is easily one of my favorite beauty gurus. She is so sweet and has an awesome sense of style. She posts a variety of vlogs, and hair, nail, and makeup tutorials as well as her girl talk series, where she talks about al kinds of issues and problems that girls face.
4) BryanStars
Bryan Stars` videos are all about music. He posts news about tons of different bands along with a variety of interviews with people from all genres of music. His interviews range from being 5 minutes long to an hour and, while questions are different depending on the artist, they are generally funny and light-hearted.
5) charlieissocoollike: Charlie McDonnel
Charlie McDonnel is a geeky, witty, and talented youtuber. Some of his videos are very put together and thought out wile others just seem random but they are allepic and worth watching.
6) lacigreen
Laci Green`s videos all center around her program, SexPlus. It`s about teaching people about their bodies, sexuality, and to love themselves. Her videos have definitely helped my self esteem and have taught me to be more comfortable in my skin. If there is one person you check out, let it be her.
7) meekakitty: Tessa
Tessa`s channel is full of all kinds of videos. She makes a ton of very entertaining vlogs and awesome music videos. She is very playful and energetic and just makes me smile.
8) ShaneDawsonTV
Shane Dawson is not only very interesting and fun to watch he also uses unique charaters and hilarious situations to teach people, make them feel better about themselves or sometimes just make us laugh.
9) BrittaniLouiseTaylor
Brittani has such a great personality and you can tell in her videos that she genuinely cares about her fans. She is always funny and awesome. Plus she usually always gives something away at th end her videos which is pretty great.
10) Kandee Johnson
Kandee is a pretty epic person and an awesome beauty guru. She is always laughing and clearly has fun just being herself. She makes her tutorials fun just by coloring them with her personality.

So tell me, who are your favorite youtubers?

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