10 Favorite Korean Songs of May 2013!

3 years ago

I know this is so late! I was gonna post up my 10 June faves and I was like :O "I didn`t even do a May faves!" So I`m gonna post both up. :)

1. "A.D.T.O.Y" - 2PM
Omg okay this song is so good like the best 2PM song! (Its better than Again & Again" whut) 2PM is on their grown man ish with this album and I love it. The FALSETTOS THO OMFG. Nichkhun and Junho *o* Jun.Ks voice, his sexiness ugh I cannot.

2. "Dreamer" - HISTORY
That harmonization melts me every time! Each member has such a good voice. Kyungils You are so beautiful you oh oh oh~" GOD it gets me every time! Such a good debut.

3. "Why So Serious?" - SHINee
YES, the SHINee comeback I was waiting for! Not that Dream Girl" was like a horrible song but the comeback just didnt feel complete, you know? And this song and album so made up for that!

4. "Come Back When You Hear This Song" - 2PM
2PM, I will come back even though I never left! Ugh, this song is so good. Those voices just kill me.

5. "What`s Your Name?" - 4MINUTE
Not gonna lie, I saw the video and I was like WTF?" but then as I heard the song more, good God its so good! Its really catchy and it is really a good song.

6. "Sleepless Night" - SHINee
Let us have a moment of silence for the perfection that is SHINees voices in "Sleepless Night"

7. "Countryside Life" - T-ARA N4
Im not the biggest T-ARA fan but when I heard this song (just for Taewoon tbh and the video to see SPEED xD) I fell in love! Its so catchy and I always catch myself doing the dance LOL.

8. "Bom Bom Bom" - Roy Kim
Ughhhh Roy Kim whyyy are you so perfect?! This song puts me in such a good mood no matter what. He has the voice of an angel and its so calming.

9. "What`s Going On?" - B1A4
OMG, this song! Im not sure if its my favorite B1A4 song but its so good and catchy! I get chills every time Sandeul sings like hes never sang before and just bursts out at 2:49. When he does it in their live performances ITS PERFECT! Congrats to you B1A4 for getting your first win with this song! :D

10. "MaMa Beat" - LC9
I think we can all agree that when we first saw the video we were like WTF and didnt even know there was actual music haha! But when I went back and heard JUST the audio omg its so catchy! Edens voice *o* Im so into these boys rn its not even funny.

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