10 Favorite Korean Songs of April 2013!

3 years ago

Okay, another month of Korean music! :)
I didn`t add new SHINee, 4minute, T-ARA N4, HISTORY, etc. because I`m not adding songs that were released like the last week of April. So look forward to seeing them in my top 10 of May! :3 Their`s gonna be A LOT of interesting releases in May! :D I`m so excited. 2PM BABY!

1. "MichiGO" - G-Dragon
My babyyyy!
My ultimate bias, my idol, my everything is back with a digital single! :`) When I first heard this song I was like OMFG. It`s amazing, it`s even crazier than "Crayon" and so is the MV xD

2. "Second Confession" - BTOB
My boys are back with a single and it`s like the PERFECT Spring song! I love it so much, it`s sooo adorable! :3 How can you NOT love BTOB? They`re voices are to die for *o*

3. "Joah" - Jay Park
Jay Park is also back with a single album! It only has two songs and the title is "Joah" and it`s such a cute song I love me some hardcore in your face rapping by him, but his smooth r&b just kills me. ;___;

4. "Rose" - Lee Hi
This is the title song off of her first album and OMG FAVORITE LEE HI SONG! This song is just all kinds of perfection, I love it so much!

5. "Shaking Heart" - C-CLOWN
Can I just talk about how amazing C-CLOWN are and how underrated they are? I mean, they`re getting more attention but they were one of the best debuts of 2012! ROME OMG CAN I JUST DIE?

6. "Babay" - Zion.T
ZION.T LET ME LOVE YOU. He is just so perfect like his voice gives me so much life. His album is amazing! And Gaeko`s rap in this song is just YES.

7. "Marry Me" - K.Will
This song is PERFECT. K.Will`s voice is just too good and I love all the songs off the 2nd part of his album! Imo, this is better than the title song.

8. "Come As You Are" - Phantom ft. Verbal Jint
UGHHH. This song is perfect! This is my type of music! I never really paid much attention to Phantom. I listened to their debut song but never really got into it. Sanchez is sexy btw. But when I heard this I almost fell off my chair! And Verbal Jint, you needa stop!*o*

9. "Beatles" - GI (Global Icon)
YES! My kind of girl group! :) They go HARD.

10. "Welcome" - Jay Park
Another sexy Jay Park song *O* Can I just say this is like my favorite side of him.

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