10 Favorite K-Pop Songs of November!

4 years ago

1. "Punishment" - Roh Ji Hoon
THIS SONG OH MY GOD. It`s super sexy but it doesn`t rely on sexiness, get me? It`s amazing, and his voice is amazing! And he does wonders to my body, LOL.

2. "Tried To Walk" - B1A4
YES. This is the B1A4 I have been waiting for! :`) Amazing, amazing, amazing song! Like WOW. <3 Bummed that they ALMOST won with it, but didn`t.

3. "60 Seconds" - Kim Sunggyu
Our Kyuzizi has made his solo debut and I am so proud of him! <3 This song screams Sunggyu! It`s so his style and his voice is amazingly showcased. PLUS, my baby Myungsoo is in the mv <333

4. "Because You Might Grow Distant" - C-CLOWN
So, it took their debut song, "Solo" a while to grow on me but this OMG THIS, this instantly drew me in the minute I heard it. Sooo proud of them! This song is perfect and everything about it from the dance to the outfits are perfection.

5. "Til The Sun Rises" - Baek Seung Heon
The minute I heard this song, I fell in love! It is SO cute and he has such a good voice! He reminds me of Lee Minho and Kim Kyujong :3

6. "Janus" - Boyfriend
OH LAWD BOYFRIEND GREW UP ON US. O.O This video, this song, the outfits, their flawless faces, OMG. Yes! Thank you Boyfriend for this concept, thank you.

7. "Bad Man" - Juniel
YAY! Juniel`s back :D I absolutely love her, she`s so adorable! One of the few females I listen to. :P

8. "Be My Girl" - Jinyoung ft. Jea
This boy kills me everytime! ;___; Ugh, he`s so perfect. He`s not even my bias but I love him so much!

9. "Good Night" - Boyfriend
I love this album so much! This has to be my second favorite song <3

10. "Cold" - C-CLOWN
MY GOODNESS, I am a sucker for kpop idols doing r&b songs! ;___;

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