10 Favorite K-pop Songs of May.

4 years ago

1. <strong>"E.R" - Dalmatian</strong>
Dalmatian is finally back after like a year! :D They are one of my favorite groups even tho they`re so underrated >.< They have a new member, Simon. He`s my favorite already >:) Let me say, THIS SONG IS AMAZING! OMG & THE VIDEO, DID YOU SEE THOSE ABS?!

2. <strong>"Irresistible Lips" - BTOB</strong>
You guys,this song is soooo good ;___; & it`s addicting! BTOB hasn`t failed to impress me, I mean really are they seriously a rookie group?

3. <strong>"Bounce" - JJ Project</strong>
Another amazing debut! Rookie groups this year are on POINT! This is a really unique song with all the different music styles to rap, dance, & rock.

4. <strong>"The Chaser" - Infinite</strong>
Infinite`s back guysss! :`D they are my 2nd favorite group. I am just OBSESSED w/ their vocals, every single one! <3

5. <strong>"Baby Good Night" - B1A4</strong>
BEST. B1A4. SONG. EVER. <33333 I can`t even w/ this song.. it`s so amazing guys.

6. <strong>"To You" - Teen Top</strong>
Even though this song came out a day before the month ended, it`s already the most played song on my iTunes, whattttt?! Yeah, it`s THAT GOOD. Everything about this song is just perfect. Teen Top, your best song yet!

7. <strong>"I Like You" - Infinite</strong>
L`s voice in this song ;____; <33333

8. <strong>"Tarantallegra" - XIA</strong>
Isn`t this mv just insane & amazing?!:o

9. <strong>"Crying" - Heo Youngsaeng</strong>
This song is sooo good. <333 I love his voice so much!

10. <strong>"William Hung" - Jay Park</strong>
Yes, this song is in english, BUT he`s a kpop star so it counts >:) hahaha~ Jay Park please release more things like this<3

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