10 Favorite K-Pop Songs of March.

5 years ago

1. <strong>Wake Up | Sung Joon</strong>
Once again another one of Sung Joon`s songs from the Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST. :) this song, IS LOVE! <3333 it`s such a calming song & it puts me in a good mood.

2. <strong>History | EXO-M</strong>
EXO released their second prolouge single called "History" & OMG I`M ADDICTED. I know this isn`t k-pop but I like this one wayyyy better. I like the EXO-M one better, which is the Chinese Version. I`m in LOVE with the members of EXO-M, you have no idea. <3333

3. <strong>Sherlock () | SHINee</strong>
SHINee`s backkkk <333 :D finally! After what? Like a year? MORE? TWO? :o I really really like this song, it`s addicting. :) The dance is SO powerful! This song is a mix of their songs Clue & Note from the same album.

4. <strong>Face | NU`EST</strong>
This is NU`EST`s debut song & oh lord. The rookie groups are bring it this year! This song is amazing for a rookie group. They are definitely someone to watch out for! :)

5. <strong>Insane | BTOB</strong>
Another amazing rookie group with an amazing debut song! :) their voices are soooo good <333

6. <strong>Hey You | CNBLUE</strong>
CNBLUE is baaaack. :) This song is so good! Yonghwa & Jonghyun`s voice is this are so cheerful <3

7. <strong>Sadness | LEDAPPLE</strong>
LEDAPPLE never dissapoints. :) This song really shows off Hanbyul`s vocals. It has this Spanish feel to it with the beat.

8. <strong>Heaven | Ailee</strong>
I know this song came out last month, but I barely heard it this month. I have no idea why I never paid attention to it, it`s so amazing! Her voice is like the best voice i`ve ever heard on a girl! :`)

9. <strong>Made Yet Another Woman Cry ( ) | 2BiC</strong>
I had never heard of this group, I think they`re new? But this song, :`) it`s such a beautiful song! & the video! It made me cry!

10. <strong>Crush | Sandeul</strong>
B1A4 released their first album this month. & their was one song that I really loved, it was Sandeul`s solo "Crush." I always knew he had a beautiful voice, but this song really shows it of :`)<33

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