10 Favorite K-pop Songs of June.

4 years ago

1. <strong>"In The Summer" - INFINITE</strong>
I cannot get enough of this song! It`s so perfect for summer, hence the title :p it`s such a calm song that puts me in a good mood. (: Infinite`s songs tend to always put me in a good mood <3 when they perform this live, & L hitting that high note, melts my heart. Check out their lives of this song!

2. <strong>"Believe" - U-KISS</strong>
I love this song so much. <3 It`s off of their The Special to KISS ME album. So this song perfectly fits the relationship we KISS ME`s have with the boys. ^^

3. <strong>"Love Style" - Boyfriend</strong>
I had been anticipating this come back when the first teaser photo was released & let me say, Boyfriend did not disappoint at all! I can honestly say that this is their best song. (: It`s so catchy & down right amazing! & I can`t stop listening to it!

4. <strong>"La Di Da Di" - Cross Gene</strong>
When I heard Shin Won Ho was going to be in this group, I FLIPPED! I was so excited & I was honestly just going to get into this group because of him. (I love my baby so much okay? :p) So when they finally made their debut with this song, I was blown away! Rookie groups this year are just the best! All of their voice are just AMAZING & so unique! Such a catchy song along with a very unique dance, haha.

5. <strong>"One 4 U" - A-JAX</strong>
Another debut from a rookie group who is on point! This is such a powerful song with a powerful video, voices & dance! Their debut stages blew me away, they were soooo good. I see big things happening for these boys. (:

6. <strong>"Monster" - BIGBANG</strong>
My favorite group, BIGBANG, is back with Monster. & omg. I can`t even. I don`t know where to begin. ;___; I legit cried when this video was released. It is just on a whole other level when it comes to k-pop music videos. It`s like a movie! I loved it so much & the song is so amazing. Definately one of my favorite BIGBANG songs! <3

7. <strong>"Super Hero" - VIXX</strong>
Another rookie group making their debut. Can I just say I think this song is sooo catchy! I always catch myself singing the chorus like ALWAYS. Then I have to go & listen to it or watch the video to get it off my mind .___. haha. Their two main/lead vocals, Leo & Ken. OH MY GOD. Their voices are like anfkjbdhfd they have voices of angels they`re so amazing! I can`t wait for future releases from this group.

8. <strong>"Angel" - EXO-M</strong>
This song. THIS SONG. YOU GUYS THIS SONG. ;___; I cried the first time I heard this. It`s so beautiful. The voices & the meaning of this song is beautiful. As you may know, EXO-K sings the korean version of this song but it doesn`t "move" me like EXO-M`s. There`s something about the passion in their voices that just adds amazing-ness to this song.

9. <strong>"Montage" - Guckkasten</strong>
Okay, this song isn`t k-pop but it is Korean. It`s so amazing so I really wanted to include it in this. It`s from a Korean rock band named Guckkasten. The closest i`ve ever gotten to listening to Korean rock would be CNBLUE & FTISLAND haha. But this right here is like legit straight up krock & I love it. The singers voice is pure perfection. *O*

10. <strong>"Good Boy" - Baek Ji Young</strong>
Baek Ji Young is one of my favorite female solo singers. I prefer her ballads but this song was just too good to not like! I really like it & it`s addicting .___. haha, PLUS Junhyung raps in it, what`s not to love? :)

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