10 Favorite K-Pop Songs of February!

4 years ago

1. "One Shot" - B.A.P
YESSSS, B.A.P is back to their badass selves! This song is just too much for me to handle. Have you seen the choreo? Oh dear lord.

2. "Hello" - NU`EST
So they`re baaack, with more of a softer song. OMG the first time I heard it, I immediately fell in love! Minhyun`s voice is so perfect omg he`s not even my bias like stop it >.<

3. "I Wanna Love" - Teen Top
TIN TAP! So they pre-released this off their first full album and omg, it`s amazing. <3 Have you guys heard their album? OMG. It`s so good!

4. "Miss Right" - Teen Top
Okay so this was released like a few days ago but MAAAAN have I been listening to it like crazy. They need to win with this!

5. "Dream Girl" - SHINee
Dreeeam guuuuul. *Whispers* SHINee`s back.
Gah, this song is so good! It`s not their best but it`s really good! So is the full album like WOW.

6. "You Got Some Nerve" - FeelDog, Junhyung, & LE
LORD JESUS OF ALL THAT IS HOLY. WOAH. This song is just too much. I never was really feeling BIGSTAR or FeelDog, he creeped me out but after this WOAH DER. I`m in love with him. He KILLED this! His part was the best hands down.

7. "Pain, the love of heart" - SPEED
Gosh, I just love SPEED so much! ;___; This song is amazing and so is the choreo! <3

8. "Dynamite" - SHINee
I`m pretty sure this is my favorite song off the album!

9. "I`ll Be There For You" (English Ver.) - LEDApple
Omg no this song is just pure perfection. AND it was written by Hanbyul!

10. "Zero" - B.A.P
Second favorite song off the mini-album! :`)

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