10 Favorite K-Pop Songs of August!

4 years ago

Okay I know this is SUPER late but there were so many amazing songs that came out in August *cough* GD. ^^ I`m going to catch up with these 10 favorites so yeah, let`s start!

1. "One Of A Kind" - G-Dragon
He`s baaaack, omg finally! After so long my baby has finally made a solo comeback and it does not disappoint! I remember going absolutely crazy when I watched this for the first time like WOW. I was screaming my lungs out.

2. "Be Ma Girl?" - Teen Top
Teen Top made their thousandth comeback this year. :P After completely murdering me with "To You" they`ve done it again. This song was seriously my addiction! It`s so fun to sing along and dance to, plus the dance moves were killer to my ovaries! *___*

3. "You Know Me" - TASTY
After Woollim teasing us about these twins, oh lord. They did not disappoint at all! *O* They are seriously perfection like wow. I don`t know what to do with myself every time I watch them perform they`re PERFECT!

4. "Spy" - Super Junior
After wrapping up promotions for "Sexy, Free, & Single" Suju was said to be coming back with a repackaged album called Spy. I was so excited to hear what it would sound like. Some people were disappointed with this song but I absolutely love it! It`s so catchy and addicting!

5. "Rock Ur Body" - VIXX
I was so excited for VIXX`s comeback because their debut was just amazing! This song was just as good as "Superhero" Just hearing their voices is addicting and draws me in! <3

6. "Phoenix" - ZE:A
I was excited to hear that ZE:A would be performing a follow up song and OMG. This is honestly their best song! It`s sooo good! Some of the members participated in writing this song and wow *___* Such an amazing song!

7. "Solo" - TASTY
Now we know that these boys can indeed sing! People were calling them out for "not being able to sing." Because their voices weren`t really showcased in "You Know Me" but here`s the proof people!

8. "Crash" - B.A.P
B.A.P is back once again! But omg, this song ;___; Cutesy B.A.P will be the death of me! They`ve changed up their hardcore style to a cute style and I must say, I still love them! This song is just so catchy and addicting that I`m always singing it.

9. "I`m Missing You" - D-UNIT
As you guys know it`s RARE for me to like a girl group. And wow, D-UNIT is amazing! They`re being called the 2nd 2NE1 which I can see because the style is a bit similar plus Kush produced this song so yeah. But just because a girl group comes out with a non cutesy image does not mean they are copying 2NE1 thank you very much :)

10. "We Are A Bit Different" - EvoL
Another girl group WHAT?! Yes, EvoL has to be my favorite girl group! WOW. They are just WOW. They`re from the same company as Block B so I can see that they indeed are amazing. This song was just like so good! They have that hardcore image too which I love.

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