10 Favorite K-pop Songs of April.

4 years ago

1. <strong>"MAMA" | EXO-M</strong>
Yes, I know EXO-M isn`t kpop -.- leave me alone, they count! Lmfao, I can`t even explain my love for these boys. <3333 c:

2. <strong>"MAMA" | EXO-K</strong>
I love EXO-K`s version, & it`s the one I get to see performed on music shows so yeah. :) I LOVE KAI & CHANYEOL & SEHUN. <333 haha.

3. <strong>"DORADORA" | U-KISS</strong>
Ohhhh God, U-Kiss is back ^^ wooo! I LOVE this song. I seriously cannot stop listening to it. & the dance OMG SO SEXY!

4. <strong>"POWER" | B.A.P</strong>
I think this is the comeback I`ve been looking forward to the most. With their insanely powerful crazy debut, they did NOT disappoint. :D

5. <strong>"Stupid Love" | Supernova</strong>
They`re finally back ahhh. :D I love this song so much. & look at Jihyuk working that blonde hair ;D

6. <strong>"Is The White Horse Coming?" | Sunny Hill</strong>
Okay, so i`ve never really heard a Sunny Hill song or payed attention to them. So I gave their new song a try, & i`m addicted!

7. <strong>"Tease Me (Perfect Fit)" | Seo In Guk</strong>
His voice is just perfect. <3333 i`ve been loving all the songs off his new mini album! :D

8. <strong>"Alone" | SISTAR</strong>
This is also the first song i`ve ever paid attention to & fully heard by Sistar. Their other songs didn`t catch my attention but this one did! I really like it. :)

9. <strong>"Bad" | Seo In Guk</strong>
This song. <333 unfff his voice sounds so sexy here! It has this amazing slow r&b vibe to it.

10. <strong>"Venus" | Shinhwa</strong>
Oh goodness, the first time I get to see Shinhwa promoting :`) this song is so addicting & amazing! <3333

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