10 Exercises that I do at home! No Equipment required!

4 years ago

Heyauuur dolls :)
So.. lately i have been trying to loose some fat.. well am not really fat but i have been eating a little unhealthy and i just wanted to get rid of some of that extra weight that i had put on ! Also.. i just wanted to very slightly tone up my body! I did write a blog on here... about that! That blog had some of my diet plans.. which i am trying to stick with for as long as possible. LOL! If you want to check it out, then click this link: http://www.luuux.com/sport-fitness/my-plans-dieting?blog_id=76799
I promise, it would be a big help :)

So.. while i am dieting a little bit. I thought working out is great but i dont want BIG MUSCLES at all. LOL! So.. yeah these are few work outs that i am doing and i have to say that they are helping :)

1. Walking : NOW this aint really an Exercise or whatever i know i know... but walking can be a great help! And i am trying to walk as much as i can.. wether your just walking to school/college or just going out for a walk. Thats perfect!

2. Running : so.. if your going out for a walk.. just jog a bit! That would help a lot! But the weather has been a bit of a pain .. its just too cold so i just do some running/jogging in the house. Just pretend like your running while your staying in the same place :)

3. Jumping Jacks : so am sure you guys know what that is. LOL! I call them star jumps too. These are just great! :)

4. Pushups I HATE THIS ONE! and i cant believe that im advising anyone to do that... But the main reason why i am saying that is because this is actually really really helpful. I actually cant do the proper ones.. so i just do them on my knees... or on the wall :)

5. Crunches Also, known as Sit ups.. So yeah do some of those.. you dont have to go all the way up.. just try your best :) Take your time and you are just fine :)

6. Squats This is my fav one! I just love to do these.. because i really want to work on my legs and my butt! There are different ways to do this.. so make sure you do some research maybe go on youtube .. :)

7. Light Weight Lifting Like i said i dont want huge muscles.. so this is perfect ! :)

8. Dancing If you dance a lot.. or if you like dancing .. Just do it! It helps a lot.

9. Step/Stair Exercises Right.. this is another great one! Just go up and down the stairs. Or just use one step and work on that only. This is great for your legs.

10. Lift legs very slowly: So, this one is a good one for legs! Lie down on your back.. then slowly lift your legs off the ground and put them back down.. Repeat this :)

Thats about it for now :)
Make sure you comment below if you have any questions :)

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