10 Essentials for Every Woman`s Handbag

4 years ago

For me, a woman carries her world in her handbag! Hope you would already be nodding in consent by now! But, the point is that amongst the myriad of knick knacks that you carry in your magic bag, there are a few things that you just cant afford to miss.

I am going to run you through those very essentials for your handbag!

The first in the row is a pack of wet tissues. Dust and pollution can wreak havoc on your skin. Wet tissues come handy when it comes to keeping your face clean. Just wipe them over and you are ready to do away with all the signs of dirt. They are the fastest means to restore the fresh YOU!

Next are the safety pins & hair pins. Dont underestimate these small beasts! A single safety pin can keep your dress in place! A wardrobe malfunction or hair getting disheveled and frizzy is something that doesnt knock before coming. To cater to such contingencies you must have a few safety pins and hair pins lying somewhere in your handbag.

Women love make-up Dont they! But, that doesnt mean you carry your whole vanity box inside your handbag! If you have a Kajal, comb & a moisturizer with you, you are sorted. Clean your face with a wet tissue, apply some moisturizer, put on some kajal and comb your hair. Voila! Youre ready!

Money makes the world go round and so a wallet is a must have! But, to make sure that there are no currency notes or loose change lying everywhere in your handbag, all you need is a small wallet to carry your cash and change.

Shopping is every womans weakness. And, so she must have at least one credit card lying in her handbag at all times. Apart from shopping, having a credit card could really help you if you are stuck or in need of cash.

A woman has to deal with a lot of mess on and off the work! A hand sanitizer ensures that none of that mess harms her. Just dab your hands with a few magic drops and be 100 percent germ free!

Next what you need to carry is a pair of sun glasses. They not just add to your style but also shield your eyes from the UV rays. How can you afford to not have them in your handbag!

I dont want to say that your breath stinks! But carrying a breath freshener is just a sure shot means to have fresh and healthy breath. Its a preparatory step towards a meeting, lunch, coffee or a quick rendezvous with someone important!

Youre there to speak at a conference and gosh. Aunt Flow just showed up! Now what? Well, if you have a sanitary napkin in your handbag, theres nothing you need to worry about. A quick trip to the loo and everythings in place!

Last but not the least, dont miss on keeping a small notepad and a pen. Whether you are a working female or a homemaker, these two could help you make a note of anything and everything important.

So girls, its time now to stuff your all time companion with all the right things. Get going!

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