10 Benefits of drinking water!

4 years ago

hey luuxers,
i wanted to give you some great info quickly about the benefits of water and the good it does for your body!
1. you should drink 8 glasses of water a day (it may seem like alot but each day attempt at drinking 8 glasses)
2. provides you with clearer skin(no it will not zap zits, but you will see a change in skin)
3. cleanses your body (drinking water, will force you to pee, getting rid of toxins! the clearer your pee the better, it tells you that youve been drinking lots of water!)
4. keeps you full(drinking water can keep you full because sometimes although your mind/stomach may tell you are hungry, most often, your body is parched)
5. helps maintain balance in your body(your body is supposed to contain 60% of water, so by drinking 8 glasses, it helps balance out proteins and nutrients that you need!)
6. weight loss- try substituting your daily coke, juices, or other beverages for a zero calorie, no artificial, or anything bad for your body beverage! by switching in processed, unnatural drinks you can slowly loose a bit of weight!
7. energizes your muscles- drinking water can assist your fatigue muscles when you are ill, tired, or even after a work out, it provides your body with healthy option. if you are working out you loose lots of sweat and this can help regain the moisture and nutrients your body much needs!
8. helps kidneys- the water you drink helps flush out your kidneys to get rid of toxins providing you with a healthier body!
9. maintain bowel function-(EW TMI, i know!) however, if you dont drink enough liquids throughout the day it can "backup" your bowel movements, causing a hard time to use the bathroom.
10. finally.....hydrates your skin!- water can hydrate and help some of your wrinkles not look so prominent! say bye bye to those dry patches of skin especially in the winter!
so guys, its really that simple, water has so many benefits! and when you think about it, there are 24 hours in a day and you only need to drink 8 glasses! thats nothing! try having a glass at every meal or snack to help you!
stay fit luuxers!
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