10 Beauty Tricks Found On The Internet That Are NOT Good For You!

Hey girls so I was reading cosmo again and they had an amazing postal, 10 viral beauty tricks that hurt you a lot more than they help you. There were some that Ive seen before and some that when I saw them I was astonished that someone actually put this on the internet! Most of them make sense that they wouldnt work, but there are some that weve probably tried once or twice, well at least Ive tried once or twice.lol but lets get into it.

1. Making glow in the dark nail polish by breaking open a glow stick and mixing it with a top coat. Now here just a little story from me, when I was younger fell asleep on my leather couch with a glow stick next to me, dont ask lol, and when I woke up my parents werent very happy because the glow stick had burnt or had some chemical reaction which took the leather out in that spot! So from then on I knew that there were some bad chemicals in glow sticks, so why would anyone willingly put it on their nails?! The chemicals in glow sticks can cause mild irritation to the skin, for example DERMATITIS!

2.Using milk of magnesium as a makeup primer. This is actually really bad for your skin, let me explain. Milk of magnesium is used as a laxative and to help with constipation. The phone level of milk of magnesium is 10-10.5 while your skins ph is 4.2-4.6, so ultimately it neutralizes the acidity of your skin. When it neutralizes your skin its creating a large area for the growth of bacteria to occur, and NONE of us want that!

3. Using hairstyles to set your makeup. So ill admit Ive done this a few times after a girl in school told me that she had done it in her dance class to keep her makeup from moving. When I got older I tried it again, and the smell that close to my nose completely repulsed me, which is a good thing since this method is terrible for your skin. Hairspray contains large molecules that when sprayed directly on your face, these molecules clog your pores like no other, and then of course causes breakouts. This spray that is meant for your face has repellents in it which can also cause red bumpy irritation on your skin.

4. MR. Clean magic eraser to fix self tanning mistakes. Okay now this one is completely new to me, and just really terrifies me to even think about it. Thinking of the fact that people have tried this, using a tool that has been used to erase permanent marker and can even strip paint off walls, on their skin?! Well just from thinking of this and all the chemicals that are used on your skin, we can all see that this could be very dangerous, it leaves your skin sensitive and the eraser is too abrasive which leaves your skin irritated.

5. Permanent marker as a makeshift liquid eyeliner. This also completely terrifies me. Who in their right mind would put a sharpie that close to their eye?? As you can most likely guess, it leaves the skin and your eyes red and irritated.

6. Covering your eyelashes with petroleum jelly to make them appear thicker and longer. So this doesnt sound as bad as it actually is. Since we use petroleum jelly on a lot of our body like cracked lips or just dry skin, it should not be applied this close to your eyes. By doing this method, you can clog your pores, also which is kind of scary, cause pimple like eruptions along your lashline.

7. Applying deodorant on your t zone to mattify oil areas. So this one kinda makes sense, but I can see now why its not good for your face. Since your pores are slightly larger then the pores on the rest of your body, it can clog pores. Also there are tons of chemicals in deodorant that are actually kinda bad for your skin, such as a huge one like aluminum. Using this method can leave your skin irritated.

8. Putting deodorant on your bikini line to prevent shaving bumps. Now lets all think of what deodorant does, it dries out your pits, and keep them nice and dry during your day. So why would that be bad for your bikini line? Well the last thing you want after shaving is to have your skin dry out since that can make the bumps worse. So this is just a really bad idea, especially since it has the opposite effect then of what your looking for.

9. To clear black heads, rub a half a lemon on them and then put a few drops of honey, and then wash it off. So the juice from the lemon is highly unlikely to be able to get all the way down to the oil plug under the blackheads to prevent them and unclog them. Now this method wont really make sense after you read the next part, again an opposite effect! So the honey will clog your pores even more!

10. Shrinking a pimple using mouthwash. Mouth wash has a lot of ingredients that are more meant for your mouth and not your skin! Since it has a high alcohol content, it will end up drying your skin, and then further irritating it.

So girls, please read this and if anyone tries to tell you to try a beauty method that they found on the internet, always do research and see if its actually helping you and not harming your beautiful skin! Thanks for stopping by!

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