10 Beauty Tips

5 years ago

Hey all, I am going to share a few beauty tips with you:)
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1. Take a shower every other day! This really helps your hair keep it`s natural oils! If you have naturally oily roots then use dry shampoo or baby powder and apply to your roots to "suck" up the oils.

2. To make your manicure last longer, buff your nails then apply polish, also be sure to wipe away any oils that might cause your polish to be lifted.

3. If your are tired, or want your eyes to look more awake, apply a white liner to your water liner and try to avoid dark shadows.

4. When your wake up splash your face with cold water for about 10 seconds, then wash your face!

5. Apply moisturizer to your face before you start your face routine, your can even mix it in with your foundation this helps reduce dryness and the cakey make up look.

6. If you have dry, chapped lips take your lip balm, and some sugar and mix the two then apply to your lips to exfoliate the dead skin off, then apply another coat of lip balm to help seal the moisture in:)

7. Dark Circles? double up on foundation in that area, or apply concealer and PAT it on, don`t rub.

8. When applying eyeliner try not to tug on your eyes as much as possible, for this causes wrinkles, and lines. If your must, do it gently.

9. If you want fuller lips, apply lip gloss in a downward motion, for a 3-D look. Also fill in your lips with a liner.

10. ALWAYS, ALWAYS take off your makeup before bed! This is the reason for breakouts!

Hope you all enjoyed these tips, I am will start doing more if you like them let me know your thoughts!

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