10 beauty secrets of the famous

- Dry your hair upside down:

Thus you prevent hair stick with that aspect of `the cow licked`, and also better control the frizz.

- Vinegar to shine:

Mix half a cup of vinegar with half a cup of water and pour over the wires clean and moist is the most rapid and practical way to achieve a mirror-like shine.

- Warm water in the morning:

Warm water activates the metabolism and helps in removing gases that cause discomfort and leave a swollen belly.

- Extra Hydration for neck, hands and feet:

Are the areas of the body they get older and more often report the age, so it is never too moisturizes.


- Strawberry to clarify:

Can you have a white one and most brilliant smile in seconds thanks to the acids present in the fruit.

- Carrot tanning:

Take carrot juice for a week before going to the beach helps you gain a tan to envy.

- 0% alcohol for skin stay beautiful:

If the skin is in need of urgent help, cut the alcohol and drink plenty of water. Pretty soon you will notice the difference.

- Braid for perfect waves:

Trance damp hair and go to bed. The other day you will wake up with incredible waves.

- Posture to look taller and lean:

The posture is always the most practical way to improve and optimize the trim silhouette of any outfit. Can you gain a few inches in height and lose some waist time!

- Iced tea for dark circles:

Leave bags of chamomile tea used in the refrigerator is a great tip to give you with dark circles. Press the frozen bags on the eye area for a few seconds and voila!

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