10 Awesome Indicator Applets for Ubuntus Unity Desktop

If youve used Ubuntu a while, you might remember GNOME applets icons that sat on your panel and gave you access to controls and information sometime you could of even costumised the to do exacly what you wanted them to do. If you miss panel applets, try installing third-party indicator applets for Ubuntus Unity desktop which are similar icon applets but not as configurable but there is a wide variety of indicator applets available for Unity as if right now there are more comming in, most of which arent available in Ubuntus default software repositories because they are third party applets. The commands to install the indicator applets provided here were tested on Ubuntu 12.04 some of them are still glitchy but can be Easley fixed through the terminal. After installing an indicator, you may have to search for it and activate it from your Dash, launch it with a command, or log out and log back in. This behavior depends on the indicator you can even reboot your machine so it could have full effect. If you want to keep on reading about this you can go to the websit below to know how to install the applets and what kind of applets you can have all the information is there.

Source link: http://www.howtogeek.com/118908/10-awesome-indicator-applets-for-ubuntus-unity-desktop/

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