$1 White Tee Find!

3 years ago

Ever had those days when you are browsing and you don`t plan on buying clothes? But then all of a sudden you see deals on deals on deals? Especially when that store has clearances and after 10 minutes of browsing BAM! $1 dollar! $5 dollar finds!
Well I had that lol, this is a continuation of my Nordstrom Rack finds! I have two other posts that I have which everyone who is reading should or already have seen it.
Here are the links:
- http://www.luuux.com/viz/nordstrom-rack-5-finds
- http://www.luuux.com/viz/5-dollar-true-religions-say-whaat
So, I got this shirt the same time as I did with the other two posts. The reason why I am breaking up these into separate posts is because I have so many pictures and I don`t want to clutter them all in one. Also, all of the other pieces of clothes I picked up have a different like and a more individual saying on them.
For this top, I honestly do not have any white tees, not ever plain white tees without writing on them. When I found this, I automatically had so many thoughts on how I can pair this with. I have some funky pants and if you have funky pants or different designs the best way to pair the outfit is with something plain like this. I haven`t worn it yet, I did get a size to big but I don`t mind that. Also Its a bit see thru. But over all that, its plain and simple. There are some detailing on the shoulders but its not too bad.
$1 dollar for this, turndownforwhat ?!

*more posts from this one day purchase will be spread out, keep an eye out on that. I will put links in future posts.

Now its your turn! Tell me what store have you got your best deals from!

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