$1 medium ice coffee @ McDonald`s

5 years ago

In case you aren`t aware, McDonald`s is running a special where it`s only $1 for a medium ice coffee. There are participating stores that ALWAYS offer $1 medium iced, but those tend to be few and far between. With that aside I will say, there is one drink I really enjoy in life and that is ice coffee. My favorite ice coffee is from a local mom & pop coffee shop because they don`t do any of that pumped flavoring crap, their beans are actually flavored and ground, then brewed. Best cup of coffee (hot AND cold) I`ve ever had. When I can`t make it there I tend to substitute with either homemade ice coffee, Dunkin Donuts and once in a blue moon McDonald`s. I admit I don`t go to Mickey D`s often because regardless of however I tell the person taking my order to make it they always jack it up. Skim milk becomes cream. Splenda becomes sugar. No mention of flavoring becomes 6 pumps of sugar loaded vanilla syrup. There have been instances where I asked the kid behind the counter if he`d rather I made it (LOL!!). I picked this up through the drive-thru the other day because it was quite a warm afternoon and I had to run a quick errand so I decided I`d snag one on the way back home. It was good, didn`t taste burnt (that`s the worst, burnt tasting coffee!), except the girl taking my order didn`t put any splenda in it -- so I added it in when I got home. But ... it was only $1, so yeah.

Do you like ice coffee?

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