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4 years ago

First and foremost, Happy Birthday to myself! HAHA! I just wanted to say that! :]
Also, sorry for being absent these past days. I haven`t been posting because I
was out of town enjoying my beautiful vacation in California. I will get into more
of my trip as I post a few things. I am definitely behind on my postings because
I`ve been shopping like crazy! I bought a bunch of stuff so I really need to get it
up ASAP!

Back to my post!

Here are new China Glaze Polishes I picked up a few weeks ago. My sister was
in town so we decided it was time to stop by the Nail Supply store. There were
one specific polish color I`ve been eyeing ever since my coworker was wearing it.
I usally don`t keep up with collections because there are so many of them. So when
it comes to picking out colors. I would just get something I don`t have. Here are polishes
I bought with my own money so no FREE polishes from my dear sister this time. I bought
a few for myself and my sister who went with me. Her birthday is just a few days before
mines so I told her I`ll get her whatever polishes she wanted. She decided to get just three
and the two Essie I posted a few weeks ago. I was gonna get just one, but I decided to leave
with four China Glaze & 1 Essie for myself. The first three are for my sister and the last four
are mines.

My sister picked:
1. Secret Peri-wink-Le is from the Operation Colour collection.
2. Gaga for Green is from the Electropop Brights collection.
3. Ride the Waves is from the Summer Neons collection.

My selection were:
1. Elephant Walk; For some reason this color caught my attention when I was getting checked out! I decided to get it because its different from what I have in my collection. This is from their Safari collection.

2. Sweet Hook; This would be the perfect Pink Lilac nail polish. I have something similiar to this, but I think its lighter. It looks similiar to Light As Air I should say. This is from their Electropop collection.

3. Pelican Gray; Ahhhh! This was the nail polish I saw my coworker wearing. OMG! This is such a gorgeous color. I have yet to try it out, but definitely will. This is from their Anchors Away collection. This color reminds me a lot of Sea Spray which I have too! :)

4. Mahogany Magic; I have been meaning to pick up a decent Brown nail polish. Just because I find them great for the Fall season. I don`t think I own anything like this which is great! This is from their Hunger Games collection

I was gonna get Gaga for Green, but I ended not getting it. I told my sister to get it because I know she LOVES Green! HA! Well, I hope you enjoy my Beauty post!

1. Do you own any of these colors?
2. Which colors do you like the best?

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